URGFPG Flood Mitigation & Management Goals
This document outlines URGFPG established goals for the flood planning region.

URGFPG Process for Identification
This document outlines URGFPG evaluations of potential FMEs and Potentially Feasible FMPs and FMSs to be included into the State plan.

Texas is no stranger to flooding. With its diverse geography and extensive, hurricane-prone coastline, the state frequently leads the nation not only in structural damage but also in loss of lives related to flooding events. Learn more about flooding in Texas, its watersheds, as well as different types of flooding.

Click here to see a presentation about the URGRFPG’s Scope of Work (SOW) from the TWDB as well as the entire SOW.

Over the next several years, the URGRFPG will be working to create its first-ever Regional Flood Plan. Click here to see the conceptual schedule.

Relevant Statutes

The 86th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 8 which established the regional and state flood planning process.

Chapter 16 of the Texas Water Code and the Texas Administrative Code Chapters 361 are relevant to regional flood planning.

Texas Administrative Code (state.tx.us)

Texas Water Code Section 16.062 – Regional Flood Planning (2019) (public.law)

FPR maps

The TWDB designated 15 flood planning regions in Texas on April 9, 2020. Board designation of flood planning regions is required under Senate Bill 8, 86th Texas Legislature, which established a new regional and state flood planning process for the state.

Boundaries Map